Arbol Verde

2018. Acrylic on Board , 10" X 10"

Artist’s Note

A multi-media Landscape Scene using acrylics, mulberry fibre paper and calligraphy.
I have shown the process by which I created this piece Arbol Verde

Collection of Ellen Coburn, Vancouver and San Miguel de Allende

Collection: Landscape Squares
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More About This Painting

I started this painting by creating some calligraphic marks, choosing parts to cut out and lay on the board. For my focal point I tried a small red piece of calligraphy but it didn’t work for me so I ejected it for a black mark which I think was more successful. The red curve to the right of the tree detracted from the tree itself so I traded it for a light red shade to the left of the tree, and also changed the whitish shape to a light green over the original light red. Then I glued down the calligraphy with medium.