2017. Watercolour on Arches 140lbs watercolour paper , 10" X 14"
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Original Watercolour$350.00

Artist’s Note

Collection of The Bordello Gallery, San Miguel de Allende.

Located in the heart of Atotonilco, Guanajuato, only 8 km. from San Miguel de Allende, the walls of a Church of the XVIII century, living sanctuary, are imposing.
This invaluable treasure has been the object of renovation work over the last ten years. The building consists of the main nave, sacristy and more than 6 adjoining chapels, (capillas). The interior spaces are illustrated with mural paintings, upholstered altars and sculptures. The fa├žade of the building is smooth, with very high walls topped by an inverted arcade.
On entering the temple the contrast is striking: the main nave and all the walls are decorated with murals depicting countless passages and religious characters, with no apparent order and no space between them. This great work was designed and directed by Father Luis Felipe Neri de Alfaro, who was inspired by the Holy Sepulcher located in Jerusalem for the conception of the mystical spaces that make it up.

As an example of this influence is the architectural plant of the annexed Chapels of the Holy Sepulcher and El Calvario which together result in the perfect drawing of a Latin cross where the arms of the cross correspond to three magnificent apsidal chapels.

Collection: San Miguel
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