Cabin #2 at Yellow Point Lodge, BC.

2017. HB Pencil on Drawing Paper , 22" X 20"

Artist’s Note

Collection Nancy Smith

Between 1986 and 1996 my wife and I went to Yellow Point Lodge for a week every August. I drew many sketches and drawings of the cabins and forest.

All are beautifully framed, so I didn't want to damage the frames when I photographed them recently.

This drawing is of Cabin #2 which is on the beach about 7 metres from the tide line There are 7 beach cabins which are all about 8'0" X 10'0" and consist of a double bed, a pot-bellied stove, and a place to hang clothes. The cabins have a small covered patio. Typically we would have the top-hung windows open 24 hours a day. They weren't really windows in that they were not glazed!

There are 10 drawings in this selection, one of which was purchased earlier this year. See under the "Praise" section.

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Deer on the trail, and some of the rock formations at water’s edge