Callejon de los Chiquitos, San Miguel de Allende

2015. Watercolour on Arches 140lbs Paper , 141/2" X 12"
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Artist’s Note

Callejon de los Chiquitos; The Alley of the Little Ones; ; February 24
Watercolour, 14 X 11, sketch and plein air painting. The little street is one of the most attractive streets in San Miguel and is only one block long, with mostly small brightly coloured houses.
The challenge as always in San Miguel is to work fast
Due to the intense shadows and rapidly changing light it was necessary to make the white wall the focus; but not make the shadows too dark!
The perspective was important to capture the curve in the street, and to align the windows.

Chiquitos, San Miguel de Allende
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Oratorio Sketch
Chiquitos the drawing on the right was done to determine the correct perspective. In this instance a photograph isn’t good enough.