Corner of Hospicia and Barranca San Miguel de Allende

2015. Watercolour on Arches 140lbs watercolour paper , 16" X 12"
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Artist’s Note

The painting is taken from a position directly across from the fountain on a corner. The streets are very narrow and vehicles were being driven with extreme care as right of way doesn't exactly exist here!
After completing the sketch, see more, I drew the scene with care.
I was one of several in the area as part of a day long en plein air workshop with Donna Dickson. All of us had some difficulty getting the perspective correct and the distinction of fountain to wall to street.
To "highlight" the white fountain I added a touch of blue to the "white" wall directly behind which helped to pull the fountain forward

Corner of Hospicia and Barranca San Miguel de Allende
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More About This Painting


I did this drawing in my notebook first to get the perspective and to understand the relationship between the angled fountain wall and the adjoining streets.

It was important to get the eye level right responding to where I was able to sit – note the EL on the right. All the streets seem to have multiple elevations and twists and turns which makes the view even more challenging and interesting