El Iris San Miguel de Allende

2014. Watercolour on Canson Art Paper , 12" X 9" Framed

Artist’s Note

Collection of Elsie Chung, Vancouver.

El Iris is a convenience store very close to the Dickson Studios, on San Francisco. I passed this scene almost every day. It was painted in the studio after en plein air sketching.
The shadows on the wall and canopies were hard to capture because of the changing light and time which connived to change the colour.

El Iris San Miguel de Allende
Collection: San Miguel
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The sketch was done en plein air. I had to quickly mix the watercolours and test them on the same type of paper for the finished painting. The light striking the canvas awnings generated interesting colours derived from a mixture of purple and pink, whereas the shadows cast by them required careful use of the wall colour and the addition of Payne’s Grey