Fishing from Jericho Pier

2023. Acrylic Mixed media on Canvas Frame , 24" X 24"
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Original Acrylic Painting$1,250.00

Artist’s Note

In 2021 and 2022 storms badly damaged the pier. There were calls to dismantle it as well as the possibility of renovating.

The Vancouver Park Board voted to repair the 80-year-old pier at Jericho Beach, going against a staff recommendation to dismantle the structure.
The pier, first built in 1942, was at risk of further damage from extreme climate events, and its removal would be an opportunity for reconciliation with local First Nations.The Park Board commissioners voted for the second option in the report — a like-for-like repair that is estimated to cost $1.7 million, with an insurance claim leaving the city with a bill of $350,000

"This beautiful landmark historically and today has brought together multigenerational memories from fireworks, catching lobsters, fishing, and late night walks," said her post, adding that ABC commissioners, six of the seven seats, voted unanimously for the repair option.

This painting, an acrylic mixed media, 24" X 24' is my abstraction depicting the destruction, but also that fishing is still taking place

Collection: BC Landscapes
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