From the Oratorio, San Miguel de Allende

2015. watercolour on Arches 140lbs watercolour paper , 12" X 11"
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Artist’s Note

From the Oratorio, San Miguel de Allende; February 24, 2015
Watercolour, 14 X 11; sketch and painting en plein air
I have attended several workshops given by Donna Dickson, a well-known artist who now lives in San Miguel.
We all stationed ourselves in the plaza immediately in front of the church, and selected our subject
I choose this because of the vibrant colours and the reflection of the sky on the dome. The challenge was to be faithful to the field of vision creating depth with the use of strong colours

From the Oratorio, San Miguel de Allende
Collection: San Miguel
Tags: Church
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More About This Painting

Oratorio Sketch
Oratorio Sketch on the left. It was a very warm day so both the sketch and the watercolour were done quickly

The sketch was done to help me determine the values (again the light was intense and shadows were strong and moved). This is an exercise in dark and light, The foreground is very dark, saturated, but I wanted to include it with colour graduation, and the church fading into the background somewhat. The brown of the stone is strong but would compete with the shops in the foreground and destroy perspective