Hacienda de San Diego de Jaral de Berrio

2016. Watercolour , 16" X 12" Framed

Artist’s Note

Collection of Magic Gallery

Located in the northeast of the Municipality of San Felipe, Gto. to 36 km of the municipal head by the highway to San Luis Potosí, the Hacienda of San Diego de Jaral de Berrio is constituted like one of the greatest, old, and, therefore, of the longest histories of Mexico.
Its origin dates back to the late 16th century,
After several transfers, estates and annexations, in the middle of the eighteenth century, the owners of the then-Hacienda de San Diego del Jaral (as it was known) were Doña Teresa Josefa Zaldivar and Retes Paz and Vera and her husband, Captain Andrés de Berrio and Díaz Palacios Ortiz de Landázurri and Ayala, who when they died left their son Miguel de Berrio and Zaldivar as beneficiaries of all their property, who in 1774 is named First Marquis of Jaral by King Carlos III, and it is he who was added that of Berrio, to the name of the property.

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