Haystack Rock, Oregon

2005. Acrylic on Canvas Board , 14" X 11" unframed

Artist’s Note

Collection of James Sibbet, CA, USA.

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon, US
Acrylic; 14 X 11 sketched en plein air
My wife and I often visited Cannon Beach and even contemplated buying a house there
We stayed in an hotel which overlooked the beach and this scene was mostly visible.
I sketched the scene from a small dune to escape the strong wind which gusted and blew fine sand in some rather beautiful eddies. After braving the wind and sand I took the sketches back to the hotel and painted a vignette in preparation for completing the painting at home
There were several people clambering over the rock which I did not include – however, I believe that the lone red clothed figure and the strong reflections help the finished painting

Haystack Rock, Oregon
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