Homobono and Nunez, San Miguel

2019. Watercolour on Arches 140lbs watercolour paper , 16" X 12"
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Original Watercolour$750.00

Artist’s Note

I and a friend of mine have started to meet on Tuesday mornings and look for a place to paint. I sat on the corner of Homobono and Nunez and completed this watercolour of a part of Homobono. Hugh painted a scene further back on Homobono. While I was painting an hombre stopped to watch. I should have created a watercolour of him. He was dark, missing several teeth, and was wearing work clothes adorned by a sombrero. He watched for about twenty minutes; then nodded to me with a growly "adios" It was sometimes difficult to paint due to the amount of traffic passing along Nunez, and people, some of whom decided to stop in front of me to talk. The colours here are extraordinary, and the shadows didn't wait for me, so I had to paint relatively quickly.

Collection: San Miguel
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