I Am Here!

2018. Acrylic on Board , 10" X 10"
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Acrylic Multi-media$1,000.00

Artist’s Note

These three paintings are the first paintings about me. Me as an Architect, and me as an Artist. They are available as a set. 2 at 10" X10" and one at 20" X 10" for $1000.00.
I was an Architect for over 45 years. When I retired in 2013, I had a plan.
To "get back into" watercolours; to learn Spanish. to learn to play the guitar, specifically Classic; to travel with my wife; and to finish writing the book I started many tears ago. I am doing all of these. But when I started painting again, I realised that I didn't really want to be an Architect, I wanted to be an Artist. In the past two years I have had three shows, and surpassed my wildest dreams when people bought my paintings. I have had two shows in Vancouver and one in San Miguel, where my wife and I spend the winter months.
This new series is about that realisation and is called Emergence!
I AM HERE is a reference to that understanding of what I really wanted to do.
It is mixed media acrylic, calligraphy and painted tissue paper. The Perspective is purposely wrong to provide a sense of movement.
The statement "Between the Opening and the Closing there is a Moment of Clarity" refers to my appreciation of my excitement and joy finding my way.

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I am here; a moment of clarity.