La Capilla de la Aldea

2018. Watercolour on Arches 140lbs watercolour paper , 14" X 11"

Artist’s Note

At first I drew and painted a small sketch book version of this capilla, and used it and a photograph to complete the final painting. It was too hot to sit on the plaza but I had the opportunity to just walk down some stairs to go outside to confirm some minor elements of the building. I added the two people exiting the capilla to create a focus and a sense of reality. The capilla is attached to the hotel and although there is a church within it, it also includes some rooms as part of the hotel accommodation.
This is the second time I have painted this building. The first one shows more of the plaza and the reception area of the hotel.

Collection: San Miguel
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More About This Painting


The above left is a sketch from the plaza using InkTense watercolour pencils. To the right is a sketch book painting from the plaza and right of that is the reverse side of the capilla from el jardin.


This is a value “painting” of the Capilla, which I thought looked great in shades of black
and white, compared to the finished painting.