Las Monjas from el jardin

2018. Watercolour on Arches 140 watercolour paper , 14" X 11" unframed
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Original Watercolour$520.00

Artist’s Note

I painted this sitting on the some of the many steps surrounding el Jardin, known as the living room of los SanMiguelenses, because this is where many people who live in and around San Miguel come to chat and laugh and eat. Their children play games of chase and laugh and run around enjoying their lives.
The scene looks down la Calle de Canal. The church is named La Concepcion Iglesia, Las Monjas.

The sun was very bright causing strong shadows that changed shape as the sun moved across the sky.
On the corner there is a Starbucks, the only concession to a chain "restaurant". No MacDonalds, Burger King etc. in el centro.

Collection: San Miguel
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