Mexico City

2019. Acrylic and Multi-media on Canvas , 24" X 24"
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Original Acrylic$1,200.00

Artist’s Note

Showing at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery June and July 2019.
I visited Teotihuacan, which is a huge city in itself just outside Mexico City.
I was overwhelmed by the size of it. I have been to Mexico City many times, and thought that a painting of comparison might be a delight. Therefore I developed a sketch and an acrylic, from which I created this final painting.
It represents three Mexico City's in effect; the Pyramid of the Moon, which is at Teotihuacan, a tall downtown skyscraper, the deterioration of parts of the City, poverty and despair alongside pride and love of family, and the myriad of trees that line most of the streets. The City is very colourful and delightful, overcrowded and noisy.
The painting is a layered multi-media acrylic canvas

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