Mysterious River and Charon

2021. Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas Board , 16" X 20"
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Original Acrylic Mixed Media$950.00

Artist’s Note

I have looked at my paintings with a somewhat analytical eye to understand what is relevant within the structure and have discovered parts, in my estimation, that make for an even more interesting painting. The two pictures below represent an idea as to what is important in the “Enchanted Forest”. I was excited to discover the meaning behind the painting and to focus onto the relevant components that make the painting successful.
I took these two depictions to my studio to paint. The juxtaposition of the blue and orange, and the shell or boat containing people in the present, which doesn’t exist, so they must be in the future, causes me to pause and think about the relationship of the blue water and the underworld of black and white.

But why is the boat red? Blue and red are complementary colours. There are several people in the boat and one large man, maybe steering the boat? Where are they going? I like Hieronymus Bosch works, and I feel that this represents a small accolade to his works. Why did I paint this? It just happened. I didn’t consciously compose it. As the painting progressed, I knew it was an important ingredient to capture the idea of enchantment. Is he Charon, guiding the boat across the River Styx?

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