Pacific National Park Scene

2019. Watercolour on Opus 130lbs Sketch Book Paper , 6 3/4" X 9"
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Original Watercolour$250.00

Artist’s Note

"Dancing Light, Changing Seasons".
This is a quick watercolour sketch of trees and standing water. I wanted to capture the textures of the trees and middle-ground rocks, with some foreground flora.
I bought a new Opus 130 lbs watercolour paper sketch book, which is excellent. The paper reacts to washes, masking fluid and lifting colour with ease.

Collection: BC Landscapes
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More About This Painting

This is a value sketch of the painting, which is quite telling in terms of how different hues in the watercolour are comparable, in “black and white”.  I know this is backwards, because artists usually create a value sketch before organizing the painting.