Ruinas de la Hacienda

2018. Acrylic on Canvas , 50cm X 50cm (20" X 20")

Artist’s Note

Collection of Susan Hacking, Vancouver, BC.

A friend and I visited El Charco del Ingenio, to find something to paint. We settled upon Ruinas de la Hacienda which is part of a ruined hacienda overlooking the presa in the botanical garden. I completed a watercolour sketch which along with three photographs I took back to my San Miguel studio. Later, I decided to develop a larger acrylic of the building. I have completed many dilapidated and ruined buildings because they hold much more interest, particularly when they are not "square", but are teetering or in disrepair.

Collection: San Miguel
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More About This Painting

On turning around through 180 degrees, I saw the portal which I also painted en plein air. This is a 7″ X 5″ watercolour sketch.