The Oratorio; San Miguel de Allende

2014. Watercolour on Arches 140lbs watercolour paper , 12" X 9" Framed

Artist’s Note

Collection of Paul Terrell, USA.

This is one of many fabulous views down narrow streets towards a church.
The church seen in the distance is the Oratorio de San Felipe Neri y Santa Casa de Loreto; built in 1714 replacing an older chapel called Ecce Homo that had been built in 1628!
The Oratorio was after the first Oratorio built by the Italian saint in Rome in the 1560s. The fa├žade is a beautiful example of Baroque Architecture and superb workmanship

San Miguel de Allende
Collection: San Miguel
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More About This Painting


This sketch and watercolour were done on site. One of the delightful challenges was to signify the stream of light coming from the street between the buildings on the right, and allowing the watercolour to emphasise the whiteness of the building directly across

The sky is Ultramarine Blue not Phthalo Blue, or maybe just a little added to the Ultramarine. Getting the sky colour right is sometimes formidable but the San Miguel sky is more Ultramarine than any other blue