2022. Acrylic on Canvas Frame , 24" X 48"
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Original Acrylic$3,150.00

Artist’s Note

TOGETHERNESS. 24” X 48” Acrylic. Collection of the Artist.
This painting was inspired by Klimt’s painting, The Kiss. I abstracted it and changed the format to 2 X 24” canvasses. My wife and I visited the Gallery in Vienna and were spellbound by his works and also those of Egon Schiele. The original oil painting is 180cm X 180 cm, approximately 70” X 70”. I am very excited about this painting. This is the largest I have ever completed. The idea came to me when I was experimenting with a 24” X 24” acrylic painting, basically the upper half of Togetherness.
I saw two figures in this and the painting by Gustav Klimt, came to mind. I found it on the Internet and realised I had to develop the painting abstractly.
While I was painting this a colleague of mine at the Studio, on passing, commented “looks like Klimt”! I didn’t need more encouragement. The original is square as noted above, but I wanted to devise a portrait-oriented painting, so I added the lower half to complete the imagery.

Collection: Abstract Acrylics
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