Tres Cruces Aldama

2015. Acrylic on Board , 26" X 22" Framed

Artist’s Note

Collection of Andrew and Judith Finlayson, Vancouver Island

This acrylic was started en plein air. I completed two value sketches followed by a small watercolour, and a photograph.
I took the information home in San Miguel and decided to use acrylic rather than watercolour.
Matching the colour is always difficult due to changing light. Creating cobblestones and the shadows is also a challenge. The key to painting the cobblestones is to form the background using colour to describe the background, middle ground and foreground, and while this is still wet, dab onto the painting darker colours to represent the cobblestones. Don't painstakingly paint every stone!
The reference to the three crosses is that on the hill in the background are three barely discernible crosses.

Collection: San Miguel
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