Urban Landscape

2014. Acrylic on Canvas , 24" x 20"
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Original Acrylic Painting on Board$500.00

Artist’s Note

Acrylic on board
I have tried abstraction many times and interestingly have found that at first I wasn't too impressed with the results. I have "gone back" to several and rediscovered them.
This abstract landscape was completed a few years after I graduated from the Glasgow School of Architecture and evokes the planning ideals of Le Corbusier described in his book "Towards a New Architecture" 1927. Le Corbusier was one of my inspirations while at University

Urban Landscape
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More About This Painting

I completed this painting over a few years; not being quite certain about content.

I call it “Urban Landscape” evoking high-rise residential building in the countryside displayed in an abstract fashion.

While studying architecture I reviewed the work of Le Corbusier who developed planning where buildings were separated by large swaths of landscape and roads were elevated to maintain the integrity of minimizing intervention of buildings and roads